Mr.  Dubove’s immigration practice focuses primarily on three areas:


For over 19 years, Fernando Dubove has helped families petition family members get their permanent residency and acquire U.S. citizenship. This includes adjusting status in the United States or preparing clients for their interviews at the American Consulate.

We strongly encourage client’s eligible for U.S citizenship apply. Besides preparing the citizenship application, we give clients the questions to study for the citizenship test and find free classes in the community that clients can attend to prepare for the interview.

Over the years, we have successfully filed hundreds of waivers (known as the perdon or pardon) for persons who must travel outside the United States for their residency, but have a 10 year bar from returning because of their unlawful presence in the U.S. Under a new program begun by President Obama 2 years ago, many people may now file the waiver in the U.S. This allows persons not go to the interview outside the U.S. until the waiver is approved so that family members are gone for only a few days, not separated for months.


Mr. Dubove began practicing immigration law as the staff attorney for the Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services in El Paso, Tx where he regularly defended persons in deportation proceedings.

Our deportation defense practice includes working to get clients detained by immigration to be released on an immigration bond. When we are hired to defend someone detained in jail by immigration, we understand that the client and family’s first priority is seeking the client’s release from jail. If the client is held without bond, we immediately file a Motion for a Bond Redetermination Hearing with an Immigration Judge to seek the quickest court date to have an Immigration Judge set a bond for our client.

In our deportation practice, we represent clients being detained or in deportation proceedings through Texas, including clients being held in Laredo, Harlingen, Houston, Lubbock, and the Dallas area

We also defend persons who were caught entering the country but seek protection under political asylum because of the conditions in their home country.

We also defend persons illegally in the U.S. but who may have 10 years in the U.S. and have U.S. Citizen children, parents, or spouse and can seek protection from deportation under a section of the immigration law called Cancellation of Removal.

We also defend persons who are legal U.S. Permanent Resident, but who are in deportation proceedings because of a past crime. These clients are often eligible for a waiver from deportation (also commonly called the perdon)


President Obama’s Executive order opened the door for undocumented youths apply for deferred action. Mr. Dubove’s office successfully helped over 250 families in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area achieve this dream.

Additionally, in the past, Central Americans from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, have qualified for Temporary Protective Status.

Mr. Dubove has successfully handled hundreds of clients seeking this temporary legal status, and in some cases, getting those same clients permanent legal status by becoming U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents.